Bell No-Mor Flats Bike Inner Tube

Bell No-Mor Flats Bike Inner Tube

Bell No-Mor Flats Bike Inner Tube

by Bell Sports

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      Guaranteed to never go flat, blow out or lose air! The last tube you will ever buy, the No-Mor Flats inner tube is an innovation in inner tubes. Maintains constant tire pressure.
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      Careful - May be weight dependent, October 15, 2009
      J. Williams (Southern California)
      Let me preface my review by saying that I am relatively tall and weigh about 200 pounds. I replaced both of my 26 x 1.95" tubes with these.

      I had hoped these tubes would be adequate for riding primarily on the street and through the occasional thorn-laden dirt patch. I knew they would be heavier than a standard tube, but I also expected that they would be firm and usable. Unfortunately, it was like riding on flat tires, including an unpleasant squishy noise as I pedaled along. On the plus side, I got an excellent workout from a very short ride, as they probably doubled the amount of energy I might have normally expended.

      I think that my experience with this product might differ greatly from that of someone needing a smaller tube for a smaller rider. I would definitely not recommend them for adults.

      Stop wasting money...spend a little more initially., October 8, 2009
      Richard Hill
      Before this bike inner tube, I invested in $13 "heavy duty" inner tubes. They had that nasty Slime in them and a slightly thicker skin. After the 3rd one broke and spilled its Slimy innards all over my rims, I decided it was time to buy this slightly more expensive inner tube. It's a pain in the butt to install, but man, is it great! No Slime, no air pump, just constant pressure and no worries. The small amount of weight it adds is nothing compared to the constant pain of taking off the tire and replacing the tube every 3 weeks. I got hit by a car back in May, but before I threw the old bike out, I tore the rear tire off so I can put this on my new bike! I saw someone used this on a front wheel...interesting. I have had no problems with air leaking or tire popping on my front wheel, ever. But still! Should you ever need to replace any bike tire, for any reason, don't waste your money on inflatable tires, especially ones with Slime in them. Slime never works. Buy this one.

      Too much drag., October 19, 2009
      Bill (Oregon)
      I knew I was taking a gamble since the reviews were inconsistent. While I'm sure they would have eliminated the possibility of getting a flat again, they slowed my bike down so much it was like peddling through sand. On top of that they had a "lumpy" out of round feel to them. I was also afraid the beads on my tires were going to slip off the rim. They'll probably work in a utilitarian application like a hot-dog cart or wheel barrow but they're useless for a bicycle unless you want an extra workout.

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